Building Editing/Colorist Suite

Here is a good article when it comes to building you very own editing/colorist suite.

If your running you own small freelance business and focus on this carer path, its going to be long term investment. Please don’t back out within last minute or like after a year later, because colour grading can be a serious business if you find the right client or people to help you making this carer path work.

Now this link here tells you most important stuff that needs to look out for when setting up the room, always make your room tidy and neat. Organised you hard disks and archives, keep the light room less lighted because you need to see the various colour images. Now that can be very straining, would recommend to take a break away from your room every 20mins or so to have a fresh point of view.

I’m still researching about calibrated monitors, they are important because if you get the wrong colour when you present to the client, it may cause a lot of confusions which one should they be looking at. A good calibration will for sure please the eyes of the viewers. There are certain types of brands that I have been eyeing on, like the Flanders and Sony. They both have very detail sharpness in pixels as resolutions, especially in 4k (even though its not really 4k).

Anyway here it is:


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