Guillermo Del Toro Colour Moods

Pacific Rim.jpg

After watching this link video I’m sharing down below, I’m fascinated of looking back at Guillermo Del Toro’s films. I don’t really know much about his works until I’ve watched Pacific Rim, one of the totally most awesome giant robots fighting against classic Kaiju monsters inspired by Japanese monster movies.

After watching that movie I realised I have been watching some of his previous works such as Hell Boy, Pan’s Labyrinth and Blade 2. I also didn’t realise the colour mood he has been using repeatedly in each of his films to represent similar scenes and emotions. Not only that just by looking at the grade, check out the costumes and props that compliments the images to be so striking and contrast.

Example the RED shows different moods of what he wants you (the audience) to feel on what is about to happen, like ALARM, HORROR, ROMANCE, BLOOD, ANGER, PASSION, WELCOMING, PRIDE…. PREGNANT?

Holy crap so much information yet using the same colour.

Still not convince?

Let’s check out BLUE…


These mood mostly represents the danger too which most films keep using red or dark green to give that ghostly death approaches feel. But Del Toro mostly used this depth ocean blue which terrifies me just like my fear of swimming into the sea without able to see whats underneath me.


Interestingly, he also used a different kind of mood to present warmth which is YELLOW with a heavy contrast look for more emotional, personal and romantic scenes compared to RED.

Lastly in the video by combining all these elements made a beautiful contrast images in all his films. I mostly like the Yellow LED been used repeatedly from torch light to cool looking futuristic helmet. After watching this video link, we (filmmakers) have to start to pay more attention to our local films if we truly understand how to use these elements to boost in our storytelling both props, costumes and grading. Rather than just another enhance beautiful shots, fixed up images that had small pixel problems (like smudges, dead pixels, costume/prop that wasn’t suppose to be there) or colouring it to look like blockbuster film using simple Magic Lantern plug-ins. Its just lazy.

Anyway heres the link to the video and feel free to chat/comment what you guys think:





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